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Ergonomic evaluations are beneficial to both the office and industrial work environments. Proactively identifying workstation risk factors and implementing simple, effective solutions can reduce the cost of injuries and claims.

An ergonomically sound workstation is a safe and productive workstation.

Preventative Ergonomic Evaluations
Onsite Ergonomics provides preventative ergonomic evaluations to employers who promote a safe working environment. These evaluations are effective for all employees whether they are working at a new or existing workstation, with or without signs of discomfort. The Onsite Ergonomics team provides individual workstation adjustments and active education and training to each individual in order to independently sustain a safe workstation.

Claim Related Ergonomic Evaluations
Onsite Ergonomics teams with insurance carriers and third party administrators in order to provide comprehensive claim related ergonomic evaluations to help facilitate claims closure.

Onsite Ergonomics identifies and removes causative factors that aggravate injury or cause re-injury. Claim related ergonomic evaluations provide the insurance claims specialist, employer, and the medical provider with a comprehensive report detailing findings, recommendations, and cost-effective solutions to assist with claim resolution.

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